Military Training Programs

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SFAS Training Programs

Why GPS Human Performance?

Because you don’t want to be left behind like the soldier above! Geoff has been working with the Special Operations community since 2009. The first soldiers he had the honor to work with were out of the 10th Special Forces Group in Colorado Springs while he was out at the National Strength & Conditioning Association. He most recently spent 2 years working within the THOR3 (Tactical Human Optimization Rapid Recovery and Regeneration) Program at the JFKSWCS at Ft. Bragg. This gave him the opportunity to work with soldiers from every SF Group as well as the other 3 branches of the Armed Services special operation personnel.

What makes our training plans different?

Each program is tailor made to fit your physical needs and demands. If you have a weakness we will make it a strength, if you have a strength we will continue to enhance it while bringing everything up to that level. Every tactical athlete is different and that is why Geoff personally takes the time to establish a solid program to put you physically in the best possible situation for success. Plus, everyones schedule, equipment availability, training age, gym experience is not the same. That is why he doesn’t just pass out cookie cutter programs. So if you have limited time, equipment, experience, Geoff can workout a training plan that will account for all of those issues.

Who are these training plans for?

Our Military Selection Training Programs are for any soldier out there that is looking to take their career to the next level. Whether you are preparing for SFAS, an advanced school or even if you are just a soldier who wants to improve your all around physical performance these are the plans for you.

How much do these training plans typically cost?

A custom 12 Week Training Program typically will consist of strength training and work capacity training in the gym, as well as an 12 Week Running & Rucking conditioning program, plus an APFT performance program to max your push-ups and sit-ups, on top of injury prevention strategies to include mobility, movement preparation and core enhancement work will start at *$100. This includes email correspondence as well as video technique assessment.

*cost may increase based on special requests.

When can I start training?

Email or call (910) 222-8200 to get the ball rolling! It typically takes 3-4 days following your purchase to receive your program.



What our past members are saying...

"I’ve been a member at this gym since the beginning and I honestly have to say that the one thing that keeps me coming back is the excellent coaching that is provided. Geoff and Lisa are very helpful in observing and coaching you through your lifts to make sure your form is on point and you don’t get injured. Another great thing I love about this gym is the great friendships I’ve made. Everyone is super friendly and very welcoming to new comers. Best gym in the Fort Bragg area for sure!" - Andrew