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“You can’t out train a shitty diet!”

You’ve heard it all before. Everybody knows how important your diet is no matter what your goals are. But eating right, and eating right consistently seem almost impossible at times. But that’s where GPS Nutrition Coaching can help. We take the guessing out of your nutrition and design a plan that works for you.


Why GPS Nutrition Coaching?

Having a coach holds you to a higher level of ACCOUNTABILITY. People will typically put forth a little more effort when they know someone is watching, it’s human nature. A commonality among most successful people is getting coaching, whether it is work, life or sport.

Now, obviously we can’t be with you all the time to slap cookies out of your hand (wouldn’t that be nice) and we won’t tell you specifically what to eat. But we will teach you how to make better eating choices. We focus our nutrition program around macronutrients (AKA macros). See What’s a Macro?” for more on this topic. This FLEXIBILITY allows you to live your life. If you want that cheeseburger, you can have it. If you want the glass of wine, enjoy. We’ll show you how to make healthy choices without having to totally sacrifice the foods you enjoy.

With a nutrition coach, you no longer have to guess at what you should or shouldn’t be doing with your diet. We want to take as much of the stress out of eating by giving you GUIDANCE throughout this entire process. Plus, we’re always just an email away!

It’s not all about losing body fat, PERFORMANCE is in our name. We want you to feel great and perform great. We’ll show you how to optimize your nutrition to build muscle mass, get stronger, kick your workouts ass and become your absolute best you.


How it Works:

  • GPS Nutrition Coaching is a 13 week program
  • You can choose to work with either a male or female coach, or the first available coach
  • Fill out a brief questionnaire so we can learn more about you
  • Week 1 begins with a baseline week, you eat normally and your coach analyzes your current eating habits along with data from the questionnaire and creates a plan catered to your goals
  • You check in with your coach once per week on the day of your choosing by submitting weekly photos and submitting your Nutrition Plan *WEEKLY PHOTOS ARE REQUIRED TO PARTICIPATE*
  • Your coach will monitor your progress each week and make necessary changes to help you stay on track with your goals


Who is GPS Nutrition Coaching for?

YOU. We work with just about everyone. Whether you’re looking to drop a few pounds, put on muscle mass, improve your performance in the military, on the athletic field or overall in life, nutrition coaching is the way to go.

We are not doctors so we do have limitations with who we can work with. We are unable to work with people that have diabetes, are currently pregnant, or have a history of diagnosed eating disorders or any other metabolic/digestive tract related diseases.


How Much is it?

$300/13 Week Commitment *Discounts available for active gym members*


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What our past members are saying...

"I’ve been a member at this gym since the beginning and I honestly have to say that the one thing that keeps me coming back is the excellent coaching that is provided. Geoff and Lisa are very helpful in observing and coaching you through your lifts to make sure your form is on point and you don’t get injured. Another great thing I love about this gym is the great friendships I’ve made. Everyone is super friendly and very welcoming to new comers. Best gym in the Fort Bragg area for sure!" - Andrew