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Tactical Strength & Conditioning

This program is designed by a former THOR3 Strength & Conditioning Coach who holds a Masters Degree in Exercise Science. We apply expert knowledge with the Tactical Athlete in mind. This is the best program for all of our armed service members looking to get a leg up. This class works for everyone, whether you are in the armed services or not. This class combines all elements of strength and conditioning to maximize you as a human. Learn more HERE!


The home of USA Weightlifting’s Grounds and Pounds Weightlifting Club! Whether you are an experienced lifter or brand new to a barbell we are the best spot for you in Fayetteville/Fort Bragg to learn weightlifting and to continue to grow. We love weightlifting and we want to expose as many people to this awesome sport as possible. So if you want to get better at the Snatch and Clean & Jerk, come be a part of the best USA Weightlifting Club in Fayetteville, NC. Learn more HERE!

CrossFit Reilly

GPS Human Performance’s CrossFit classes are led by passionate coaches who love helping members succeed in their fitness journeys. Our CrossFit classes combine elements of cardio, strength training, gymnastics, agility, balance, and many more elements. This mixture allows for an amazing workout in a fun filled, community driven environment for maximum results. Injury prevention is one of our main points of focus. We utilize a sound philosophy and plan to prepare your body to accomplish the daily workouts without issue. Still not sure? Don’t take our word for it, learn more HERE!

Military Selection Training Plans

These custom plans are programmed by our former THOR3 Strength & Conditioning Coach who has been working with Special Operation Soldiers since 2009. Our coach will design each plan to fit your individual needs. Every soldier has different goals and that is why Geoff builds a plan designed for YOU. Whether you are preparing for SFAS, Ranger School or you are just looking to improve your all-around physical performance these are the plans for you. Learn more HERE!


What our past members are saying...

"I’ve been a member at this gym since the beginning and I honestly have to say that the one thing that keeps me coming back is the excellent coaching that is provided. Geoff and Lisa are very helpful in observing and coaching you through your lifts to make sure your form is on point and you don’t get injured. Another great thing I love about this gym is the great friendships I’ve made. Everyone is super friendly and very welcoming to new comers. Best gym in the Fort Bragg area for sure!" - Andrew