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What is Weightlifting?

Weightlifting is an Olympic Sport that consists of two lifts, the Snatch and the Clean & Jerk.

Who is Weightlifting for?

The Weightlifting program is for everyone of all experience levels.  We are geared for those looking to compete in Olympic Weightlifting, people looking to get into the sport and for those who are looking to get more proficient at the lifts in general.

What will the Weightlifting classes consist of?

We will work on developing your technical skill in the lifts day-in and day-out.  We will break the technical components down in detail and look at every little nuance of the lifts and how to properly execute it, with the end goal being to piece them all together to make you a more talented weightlifter.  Most people we find are lacking in mobility and/or strength, which causes them to not be able to perform the basic foundational movements well that will set them up for proper lifting. We will work to properly prepare you to be proficient and safe with the lifts by working through the positions and developing the requisite strength for success in the Snatch and the Clean and Jerk. Form and Function is paramount.

Why should I try Weightlifting?

It is a sport that any one and everyone can enjoy late into life.  Just ask Geoff, he is the 2016 Masters Nationals Champion 85kg Weightlifter (35-39 years old). You can learn a lot about yourself participating in a Weightlifting program.  Weightlifting is a journey (not a sprint) to progress not just by adding weight to the bar, but to execute the lifts with more proficiency and beauty.  If you’ve ever seen a perfect lift you know what we’re talking about when we say beauty. 

Is there any special equipment I need?

No. Olympic-Style Weightlifting shoes are highly encouraged, but are not a requirement to attend weightlifting classes. However, there are tons of great shoes out there specifically designed for the sport made by Adidas, Nike and Reebok to name a few.

How do I get started?

With a FREE TRIAL CLASS, that’s how!

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Go grab your lifting shoes and get on in here, it’s time for some Olympic Weightlifting Fayetteville, NC!


Thank you to everyone! With out all you bad ass members this wouldn’t be possible! I’d tag you all but jeez there are so many… #Repost @geoffrey_steinbacher ・・・ Thank you to everyone for all the support last night, near and far. And especially to Lisa and Dave @eastcarolina_clubweightlifting back stage at the American Open. You both made this meet run super smooth for me and put me in great positions to make lifts with all the obstacles that popped up back stage. I finished 3 of 6 119/146/265kg. Not my best meet ever but that’s on me and only me. Back to training Monday! #Repost @lf204 ・・・ Be sure to tune in and watch Coach Geoff lift at 830! @geoffrey_steinbacher @gpshumanperformance #gpshumanperformance #groundsandpoundswlc #usaweightlifting #usaw #ao2016 #orlando #disciplineequalsfreedom #americanopen #snatch #cleanandjerk #mastersweightlifting #oly #eleiko #adidasweightlifting #workt

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Just have to say it one last time how proud Lisa and I are of these bad ass ladies (Katie, Mary, Steph, Holly, Sharon and Jackie)! They work so hard in the gym day and night; hungry to add another kilo to their totals. We couldn’t be prouder of their performances from 2 weekends ago. Keep pushing ladies! #gpshumanperformance #groundsandpoundswlc #usaw #weightlifting #olympicweightlifting #snatch #cleanandjerk #shutupandlift #dedication #hardwork #oly #crossfitreilly #fortbragg #fayettevilleNC #athleticlab

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It’s science, wear you singlet…hit a PR. Great work today Marshall! 74kg Snatch for a 6kg PR! #gpshumanperformance #groundsandpoundswlc #usaw #weightlifting #olympicweightlifting #snatch #cleanandjerk #shutupandlift #dedication #hardwork #oly #pr @marshallramirez_

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What our past members are saying...

"I’ve been a member at this gym since the beginning and I honestly have to say that the one thing that keeps me coming back is the excellent coaching that is provided. Geoff and Lisa are very helpful in observing and coaching you through your lifts to make sure your form is on point and you don’t get injured. Another great thing I love about this gym is the great friendships I’ve made. Everyone is super friendly and very welcoming to new comers. Best gym in the Fort Bragg area for sure!" - Andrew